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Frequently asked questions.

Here are a handful of questions we get asked a lot in regards to our services. We hope these answers help.

Where are we based?

We are based in Telford, Shropshire, England. However, we can cover other counties such as west Staffordshire with our home visits. 

What association are we members of?

We are members of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA). Find out more at and

What will a veterinary physiotherapy session entail?

A session will be devised by firstly obtaining a detailed history of your pet (exercise regime, diet, how long their condition has been going on etc). Then, we will assess your pet's movement, assess their joints, musculature and neurological reflexes (if applicable) and then devise a treatment plan based on these outcomes. We will carry out a form of manual therapy (massage, stretching etc) if the patient will tolerate this for a first session. From this, we will also include the use of electrotherapies where applicable, before lastly, prescribing exercises owners can carry out at home between our next session. 

How may sessions does my pet need?

Firstly, nothing can be achieved in just one session. We feel each case is different depending on the severity of your pet's injury or condition. This will be discussed in-session after an initial assessment.


Why do we need a veterinary referral Form?


It is a legal obligation as a veterinary physiotherapist to gain consent from your veterinary surgeon before carrying out any assessment. This ensures we adhere to the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 2015 and our associations' code of conduct.


Do you offer mobile sessions?

Yes we do, around 10% of our sessions are mobile visits. Please see our page on Treatment Prices as fuel charges may apply

How do we take payment?

We can accept cash or card payment on the day of the session.

Can I claim for veterinary physiotherapy costs via my pet insurance provider?


Yes, if your policy states that you are able to claim for veterinary physiotherapy. We can have a chat about this in-session to ensure a successful claim can be made.

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