• Ryan Wharton

Traction is your dog's best friend

Everyone has heard of the saying "Like Bambi on Ice" in many ways, but this phrase can also be used when seeing some dogs struggle on slippery or unstable surfaces around the home. It is very important to avoid this from happening, especially if they are struggling with any arthritic joints or recovering from any surgeries. This is to avoid any further injury which may impact their recovery or lead to the prescription of unnecessary drugs which could have been avoided. It is important to address any areas of your home where you feel your dog is struggling to get around, maybe it's the laminate flooring in the hallway? Or the slippy gloss tiles in the kitchen?

How can you address these issues?

- Install non slip rugs/runners/vetbed around the house in the key areas you feel your dog is struggling.

- Try using a non slip tape on wooden or slippy staircases (if they're allowed and able to get up the stairs), Canine Arthritis Management sell a great selection of these (https://www.camonlineshop.com/pet-safety-healthcare/).

- Also, Mr Buzby's Toe Grips is a great alternative if you don't want to adapt your home, you can place the silicone grips around your dog's nails ensuring the grips are in contact with the floor, and this gives them extra traction around the house, a great way of preventing further injuries. You can order them from http://www.orthopets.co.uk/t/rawphysio.

- Finally, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DOG'S FEET. Your dog's nails play an influential role in their gait and locomotion, if they become too long this can impact the way they move as they can be uncomfortable, so keep your dog's nails trimmed. Also, ensure the hair between your dog's pads is kept short, this ensures they're able to get the traction from their pads, making moving around a lot easier.

Let's make our homes as safe and comfortable for our pets, which reduces the likelihood of a visit to the vets which can be avoided.


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