Treatment Prices


Initial Consultation and Treatment (approx 1hr 15minutes): £40.00


> An initial consultation consists of finding out in-depth clinical history, lifestyle and the diet of each patient. Following this, we will observe the movement 'gait' of the patient, assess joint range of motion and use palpation techniques to assess the quality of soft tissues. From these results, we will then carry out the most effective treatment within the session and prescribe the owner with a home exercise programme to carry out between future sessions.


Follow up Treatment (approx 45 minutes): £35.00


> A follow-up treatment consists of a brief reassessment to identify any changes following the initial consultation. Following this, the most effective treatment will be carried out for the patient within the session and tailored home exercises can be altered to further benefit the patient during their recovery.


Mobile treatments are also available please enquire for more information.


Please remember if your pet insurance policy covers 'Complimentary Treatment' or 'Alternative Therapy' then Physiotherapy sessions can be claimed back through your insurance provider.

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