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Veterinary Physiotherapy in Shropshire.

RawPhysio is a small animal veterinary physiotherapy service based in Shropshire and surrounding areas which is accessible to all dog owners, to assist with the rehabilitation of your dog.

What we do.


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Physiotherapy Treatment

Veterinary Physiotherapy can help in many scenario's in rehabilitating your dog. Whether your dog has recently undergone surgery to help overcome an injury or condition and need a help in hand back to recovery, or they have been advised to help manage their condition with physiotherapy, then we can help.



Following Spinal Surgery

Palliative physiotherapy

Neurological Conditions

Managing Arthritis


Soft Tissue Injuries

Bone Fractures

Luxating Patella

Cruciate Ligament injuries

Hip Dysplasia

Degenerative conditions

Elbow Dysplasia

Pain Management

 Reduced mobility



Our services are based in Telford, Shropshire working closely with Choice Hydrotherapy Centre to offer the best rehabilitation service for your dog. We offer a mobile service meaning your dog can benefit from veterinary physiotherapy sessions right from the comfort of their own home. Mobile services are also available within the Shropshire area.


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