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National Association of  Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP)

Who are the NAVP?

The National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists was formed back in 1985 to promote the professional practice of veterinary physiotherapy. Working together with veterinary surgeons, the organisation has since grown substantially. NAVP aims to ensure that the highest standards of veterinary physiotherapy care will be delivered to animals by linking a strong foundation of scientific knowledge with clinical practice and continued research. NAVP is widely recognised in the industry for its pivotal role in developing the very first direct entry routes for veterinary physiotherapy training at both postgraduate and also now undergraduate level.


Why Choose an NAVP Veterinary Physiotherapist?

  • All members adhere to a strict code of conduct set out by the NAVP to ensure the professionalism of each practitioner.

  • Members hold full Professional, Public and Products Liability insurance 

  • All members have to carry out CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses in order to maintain their association membership.

  • NAVP members work in accordance with current legislation and alongside your veterinary surgeon.

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